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Today I got my HSK score; 200 out of 200! You are true professionals who deliver what they promise!
David D, San Clemente, California, USA
Thank you for a fantastic way of preparing the HSK. After learning Chinese for 9 months I took the HSK3 and understood almost everything! Score: 272/300.
Fabienne H, France
I really enjoy Gurulu and its adaptive language learning algorithms.
Ole, Germany
My students love your news lessons and I use them regularly in my classes.
Yan X, Flint Hill School, USA
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Three Components for
Under the hood Gurulu is powered by adaptive algorithms. These in term drive Gurulu's 3 main language learning components: efficient Vocabulary training, effective language Practice and scientific Progress and Target tracking. Building your vocab, practicing it by reading, listening, speaking and writing, with clear targets and progress tracking is the best way to learn Mandarin. Vocabulary Targets Practice & Prep
Mandarin is based on pictures and has a logical structure; everything is connected. 女, woman, depicts a person sitting with crossed legs, 子, son, resembles a baby on its back; woman + son = 好, good. Driving the VocabXpress, Gurulu's intelligent algorithms use what you already know to make new connections in the Chinese vocabulary network so you learn faster than with books or flash cards.
Effective Language Practice for Beginners
Gurulu's Beginners Fastlane has 30 special beginners lessons. It gets you started and advances you to the novice level. You will learn 300 basic Chinese words and begin to understand simple conversations. Learning Mandarin is easier than often portrayed because its grammar is simple and its vocabulary logical. The more you know, the faster you'll improve.
Practice for Novice to Advanced Students
1000s of News Lessons form the basis of our novice to advanced students' Chinese learning practice. Added daily, each is adapted from authentic Chinese business, entertainment or lifestyle news, has several difficulty levels, podcasts by a native speaker, practice questions and a voice recorder. News lessons keep you up-to-date on China while you learn Mandarin.
Effective HSK Preparation for Higher Scores
-1000s of authentic, timed HSK practice questions
-Full question scripts
-Question review mode
-Adaptive algorithms for personalized learning
-HSK vocabulary training
-HSK score estimator
-Detailed performance statistics
Weekly Targets and Progress Analytics
Gurulu sets clear weekly Targets for you in 3 categories: vocabulary, practice and bonus. Progress towards targets is achieved via activity in the VocabXpress and in answering the questions in the lessons of the practice panel. Correct answers advance you even quicker and extend your account for free every week. You can find detailed progress statistics in My Progress Stats.

Targets & Progress 
Weekly Vocab 0
Weekly Practice 0
Weekly Bonus 0 h
Days remaining to weekly targets 6
Vocab Recalled 0 Internalized 0
Practice Total 0 Correct 0%
Level HSK 1
Practice & Preparation        
Dì 18 cì shànghǎi diànyǐng jié kāishǐ le.
Shanghai iInternational Film Festival.
Jul 1       HSK2  Match: 0%  Learn
Jul 1       HSK3  Match: 0%  Learn
Guānyú Zhou Yong Kang de huà.
Chinese officials overseas.
Jun 30       HSK2  Match: 0%  Learn
Zhou Yong Kang
Jun 30       HSK3  Match: 0%  Learn
France rén zài Feng Jing huà huà.
French artist paints walls in Shanghai.
Jun 29       HSK2  Match: 0%  Learn
France Feng Jing
Jun 29       HSK3  Match: 0%  Learn
CNPC nǚ lǐngdǎo bèi zhǎo dào le.
Corruption scandal.
Jun 24       HSK2  Match: 0%  Learn
Jun 24       HSK4  Match: 0%  Learn
Li Chen hé Fan Bing Bing zài yìqǐ le.
Li Chen and Fan Bing Bing dating.
Jun 23       HSK2  Match: 0%  Learn
Li Chen Fan Bing Bing
Jun 23       HSK4  Match: 0%  Learn
Xiao Mi dì èr, shéi shì dì yī?
Xiaomi successful in wearables market.
Jun 21       HSK2  Match: 0%  Learn
Xiao Mi
Jun 21       HSK3  Match: 0%  Learn
Yào kǎo dàxué le!
Chinese University entrance exams.
Jun 20       HSK2  Match: 0%  Learn
2015 Gao Kao
Jun 20       HSK3  Match: 0%  Learn
Eastern Star chūshì le.
Eastern Star boat accident.
Jun 19       HSK2  Match: 0%  Learn
Eastern Star
Jun 19       HSK3  Match: 0%  Learn
Hu Nan dàshuǐ, 3 wàn rén shòuhài.
Floods in Hunan.
Jun 13       HSK2  Match: 0%  Learn
Hu Nan 3
Jun 13       HSK4  Match: 0%  Learn
Zhōngguó pāi dào Snow Leopard.
Snow Leopards in China.
Jun 12       HSK2  Match: 0%  Learn
Snow Leopard。
Jun 12       HSK4  Match: 0%  Learn
Xi Jin Ping huìjiàn Joko Widodo.
Xi Jin Ping in Indonesia.
Jun 10       HSK2  Match: 0%  Learn
Xi Jin Ping Joko Widodo。
Jun 10       HSK3  Match: 0%  Learn
Mài fángzǐ yào yòng wàiguó rén.
Foreigners as props help sell Chinese real estate.
Jun 9       HSK2  Match: 0%  Learn
Jun 9       HSK3  Match: 0%  Learn
Bei Jing dàxuéshēng shàngwǎng duō.
Internet habits of Chinese students.
Jun 8       HSK2  Match: 0%  Learn
Bei Jing
Jun 8       HSK3  Match: 0%  Learn
2015 Met Gala.
Met Gala 2015: Chinese influence on fashion.
Jun 3       HSK2  Match: 0%  Learn
2015 Met Gala。
Jun 3       HSK3  Match: 0%  Learn
Yǒu le PC, bú huì xiě zì.
Young Chinese forget how to handwrite.
Jun 2       HSK2  Match: 0%  Learn
Jun 2       HSK4  Match: 0%  Learn
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