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I wrote to you in October expressing my appreciation for the support this site gave me in preparing for the HSK Level 1 test that I took then. Today I received my scores from Hanban and I scored 200 out of a possible 200. I know that without the practice tests and the vocabulary building opportunities you offer I could never have done so well. Feel free to use my comments or let me know I can be of encouragement to others to use Gurulu. You are true professionals who deliver what they promise!
David D, Laguna Beach, USA

Let me thank you for a fantastic way of preparing for the HSK tests. I just took HSK3 and I understood almost everything, your website sure helps a lot!
Update: Just a quick update on my HSK3 test, I passed with a score of 272 out of 300. This after learning Chinese for 9 months. I learned hard and give a lot of credit to your website! It is great to have the news items to learn from and the test simulations. Now I’m continuing towards HSK4 :)
Fabienne H, France

Gurulu helped me tremendously to improve my Chinese, especially my vocabulary. I advanced from knowing around 150 characters to knowing over 1,000 words and characters in 3 months. And this although I am very busy with my job developing financial software! The news content they have kills you at first because it is not your standard 你好我是英国人 sort of stuff, but once you get the hang of it, it really improves your skill level very quickly. So I strongly recommend Gurulu to people who want to improve their Chinese to a level where they can say more than just their name and where they are from.
Jonathan, Hong Kong

Gurulu is a great site to study Mandarin! I really enjoy your site and its clever adaptive language learning algorithms.
Ole, Germany

I like the news lessons on Gurulu very much and always use them when I teach my students. The VocabXpress is a great way for myself to stay sharp with my Chinese characters, Chinese words and Chinese phrases.
Lelan, Texas, United States

Gurulu's VocabXpress is great. I also love the way Gurulu records my progress and encourages me to reach my targets and improve my performance rating. All this really helps me to learn new Chinese words and characters and also refresh the ones I already know. Excellent!
Kevin, Chengdu, China

My students like your beginners and news lessons very much and I incorporate them regularly into my classes and into homework exercises. The two speed recordings in your HSK 2 lessons are very useful for my elementary stage students and I noted that most of my students have really improved their pronunciation due to your voice recording tool. Keep it up!
Yan, Chinese Teacher, Flint Hill School, Virginia, United States

The constantly changing reading and listening comprehension material was challenging for me at first. However, after a little bit of getting used to it I have really come to like it. I learn Chinese while learning about China. The content is really interesting and I come along something new every time. Gurulu is really good at picking the right level of difficulty for me so I don’t have to spend a lot of time selecting content. The VocabXpress really helps me to remember those characters and is constantly pushing me to increase my score. I would recommend Gurulu to serious learners without hesitation.
Selma, Spain [translated from Spanish]

Gurulu is a great online Mandarin learning site. It has podcasts with tests after each one, HSK prep test questions and much more. From absolute beginner through intermediate to advanced levels, something for everyone. The podcasts are very good and are graded by HSK level from 2 through 6. You can also check your progress with graphs and target monitoring. Gurulu is a very good site to help with learning and has helped me with listening skills tremendously.
Mo, London, United Kingdom

Gurulu keeps me up to date on the important things happening in China while improving my Mandarin skills dramatically. I was already somewhat advanced, having just passed the HSK level 3, but getting exposed to so many different topics nearly every day has really improved my versatility. The VocabXpress is like an addictive game and helps me to keep sharp with my Chinese characters. After having used Gurulu for a year, while it was still in the development phase, I have successfully passed the HSK level 5 and am now looking forward to try for level 6. So I highly recommend Gurulu, even to advanced learners.
Friedrich, Germany [translated from German]

Dear Gurulu Team. Your site was a huge help for me while preparing my HSK. I had taken the HSK 1 before, without using Gurulu, and just about passed it. After using Gurulu for 2 months, I took the HSK 2 and passed it with full marks. I could understand virtually everything and for the one or two questions I was unsure of I just remembered your strategy tips and apparently they helped me to guess correctly! Thanks!
John, New York, USA

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